Louis Patisserie Hampstead

Cakes at Louis

Cakes at Louis

Prepare yourself for a treat! If you have been to Louis in Hampstead then you will know what I’m talking about but if you have never been before like I hadn’t on Saturday you are in for a wonderful experience. Louis Patisserie is on Heath Street in Hamstead. It’s a Hungarian Patisserie, wood panelled and leather benched bursting with character. We ordered tea for three which came in lovely silver teapots with extra hot water and the tea is proper leaf tea which tasted wonderful. The choice of cakes is brought for your perusal on a crowded tray with the cakes slotted together neatly. The waitress seemed to know all the choices though my friends vanilla slice turned out to be solid cream in the middle rather than the expected custard. My caramel gateau was really good. Layers of chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream in between and sticky caramel on the top. Service was unhurried and friendly and its the sort of place thats nice to linger and enjoy the hushed conversations. Can’t wait to go back.

Score 9/10


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