Fine Food and Wines Sheffield

Fine Food and Wines

Fine Food and Wines

Went to Fine Food and Wines for lunch on Saturday. I really like this place, its a real Oasis of middle class foodieness on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield. They are just in the process of converting the next door shop into a bistro and I’m really looking forward to being a regular there. I have been twice before, once for lunch where I had a masterful Salad Nicoise where the tuna was barely seared and and the eggs were beautifully soft boiled.

The next I visited with friends was for one of their tasting evenings. Our evening was themed on pairing wines with spicy foods. Its rather social, you all sit on a long table and have about 8 dishes with wine pairings, the food was good but became a little samey by the end and it was frustrating to have just small portions of some of the dishes. The wine tasting seemed a little perfunctory, I would liked to have learned more. However it was great fun and everyone got on really well and we had some great conversations.

Homemade Salmon Fishcakes

Homemade Salmon Fishcakes

On Saturday the lunch menu was great and I would have happily had anything on there but we had a glass each of the house white and the home made salmon fish cakes with a poached egg and a curry mayonnaise with a sauteed potato. It was really marvelous. Initially I was disappointed that the poached egg wasnt oozing but the curried mayonnaise was preventing the dish being at all dry so it worked out well.

Its very interesting to eves drop on conversations in FF&W as everyone is so obviously obsessive about food. Behind us was a big communal table where you can sit and share the conversation which is generally about fantastic restaurants that people have visited or food that they have prepared.

It is a little ‘cliquey’ but cliquey in a good way, cliquey in the way that you would like to be part of the clique! A table across from us was offered a ‘secret’ dish of belly pork which we would like to have been offered but in a way it added to the ‘mystique’ of the place. The owner is a ‘bon viveur’ and circulates and mingles with newbies and regulars alike and the staff join in the conversations also, even the chef. It has a real buzz about the place.

We will definately come back for lunch and we are looking forward to sampling the bistro when it opens, go and give it a try it is a really special place which Sheffield should treasure.

Score 8.5/10


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