La Fountaine de Mars – Paris

We decided to eat at La Fontaine de Mars following a very positive review from Kang on his excellent London Eater Blog. We booked in for our final night via the concierge and got a great table seat on a very narrow pavement. Squeezing in of elbows was required occasionally to let pedestrians past but it was charming all the same.

We started with a couple of glasses of champagne and took a look at the menu though to be honest, I had decided what to eat before I got there thanks to Kang’s mouthwatering descriptions and previewing the menu ahead of time on the internet.

Oeufs au Madiran " façon meurette "

Oeufs au Madiran " façon meurette "

We shared our starter of Oeufs au Madiran ” façon meurette ” which were softly fried eggs on a  reduction of shallots and red wine avec huge chunks of bread. It was utterly delicious and they kindly split the dish into two seperate servings so we could devour them unhindered. Eggs in France are marvelous. They take me back to my childhood when eggs were full of flavour. The yolks were huge and deep orange. I imagine it must be something to do with their diet. I hope it wasn’t because of the addition of colouring. Made a mental note to myself to see if I could buy french imported eggs in London. I bet you can.

Perfect Duck Confit

Perfect Duck Confit

For mains I followed Kangs advice and had the duck confit which was deliciously crisp and flavourful. Often duck confit is so rich that it leaves you with a ‘carsick’ feeling after eating it but this contained moist flavourfull flesh and didn’t taste greasy at all even though it was served with fried potatoes as an accompaniment.

Rich had the fish which was the special that day. He kind of liked it, the fish was moist and well cooked but the choice of accompaniment clashed slightly with the fish and in the end his opinion was ‘It was ok.’

Illes Flotante

Illes Flotante

For desert my long term wish came true and I tried the Illes Flotante. I first saw this dish on Masterchef, it appeared to be small islands of meringue floating in a sea of custard. The one we were seved instead had a huge Krakatoa of an island surrounded by sauce anglais. It looked and tasted delicious and light. We followed this with a well put together plate of cheese with a basket of wonderfully fresh bread.

Service was precise and friendly. We were told a little about Obama and families visit earlier that year and learned how the road was closed and the street swarmed with security.

Overall I really enjoyed this restaurant which lacked any form of pretension, had honest well cooked food and cheery service.

Score 9/10


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  1. Wonderful review! Great description of the floating Krakatoa in a sea of anglais sauce.

    I am so delighted that you enjoyed your visit to Fontaine, I went back again a couple days later (because we loved it so much) and we also had the eggs split into two like yours, the service was top notch.

    Reading this has my mouth watering once again for the duck confit !

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