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Firenze – Leicester

I can’t hide my bias. I have a passion for Firenze. It was my first revelation as to how good italian food can taste and it has spoiled me. Every trip I take to Italy it ruins perfectly good meals by whispering in my ear. ‘It was good, but Firenze would have done it better!’ In some ways, maddeningly, I want them to occasionally fail so I am hyper critical when I go. I took Rich  there for his birthday on a slow Tuesday night. Perhaps tonight will be the night.

I’m not sure its fair to say that Firenze is in Leicester. It is close to Market Harborough, an up and coming commuter town about 12 miles south of Leicester City. Any trip to Firenze takes planning and normally expensive taxi rides if you want to enjoy their superb wines.

It is run by Sarah and Lino Poli.

Sarah manages to be effervescent, empassioned and professional without any pomp or condescension. She works the room as if all the diners are her friends and I think most end up being her friends. The staff are jolly and rightly look proud of the food they serve. The room is quaint and low ceilinged but decorated in a contemporary way so manages to feel cosy without feeling wedged in.

There are lots of ways of dining in Firenze, on weekdays there is normally a Menu Mercato, fixed price menu which offers lots of choice at a great price:

£17.50 per person for two courses
£22.50 per person for three courses
£27.50 per person for four courses

There is also a tasting menu but as it was a birthday treat we decided to go big bang and go for the four courses. Its normally a challenge for me to eat both antipasti and pasta before the main but at Firenze it is worryingly a breeze.

We started with a couple of deliciously biscuity glasses of prosecco and plotted our dining for the evening.

Foie gras terrine

Foie gras terrine

I started with the San Danielle ham with figs, Rich had a foie gras terrine. For pasta, I had the black truffle risotto and Rich had the crab risotto with avocado salsa.

For mains, Rich had the monkfish in saffron cream with mussels and samphire and I had the saddle of rabbit. For dessert, I had the chocolate brownie with pistachio ice cream and Rich had the coconut jelly with their famous heavenly chocolate sorbet.

Black truffle risotto

Black truffle risotto

It was all wonderful, the foie gras terrine was an absolute work of art. And the truffle risotto had a generous amount of that pungent tuber tumbled over a soothing perfectly made risotto.

Please, if you are anywhere near Firenze, make an attempt to get a table. I guarantee you won’t regret it.
Score 10/10

9 Station St
Kibworth, Leicester, LE8 0LN
0116 279 6260