1573 – Leicester


1573 Bar and Grill

I’ve been looking forward to 1573 opening for some time. It is owned by the same people who own the Colourworks canalside restaurant whose food is above average for the city. The rumour was that 1573 was going to be a Fish Restaurant and I was quite excited by this but sadly they seemed to have chickened out and opened as a grill or more to the point a steak restaurant. I was overdue taking my friend Carl out for his 43rd birthday so we decided to give it ago. The restaurant is locared in the Old Free Grammar School is a Grade II listed building built originally in 1573 thus the name. Its been nicely done out, rough stone walls are well lit giving a cosy atmosphere. We were seated downstairs and given the menu.The waitress mumbled ‘Creamy Vegetable’ to me and I presumed that this must be soup of the day.

Starters choice was a bit odd. Nothing really tempting: dough balls, soup etc. We both went for salmon teriyaki which came with a salad. Bit odd as a starter, more like a childs portion main course but we went for it anyway.

Worryingly, the couple seated next to us were grumbling about their food, it seemed to be incorrect and then the steak came out and it was overcooked so had to go back. Service was slow, we waited for about 15 minutes for starters and the place was close to empty.

The salmon was ok. It was as described, though nothing special. Was cooked well and the teriyaki sauce was not overpowering which was good.

The steaks took ages. About 30 minutes after the starter was finished the steaks came out. They were served with chips and a salad. We both had the ribeye, it looked a bit overcooked to me after prodding. Chips tasted ok. I dipped a couple into the ordered bearnaise sauce but it tasted more like peppercorn sauce. I called the waitress over and she declared that they ‘weren’t our meals’ and took them away. Depressingly after a short pause at the pass she took the plates to the correct owners even though we had added seasoning, prodded the steaks and ate some of the chips/salad.

This is not on, we probably should have complained but were starving by then.


2 Ribeye Steaks

Eventually our steaks came out and appeared to be as cooked. Mine seemed medium rare and she seemed pleased that I gave her the thumbs up, however the thicker parts of the steak were quite undercooked and were easily described as rare, however I prefer under than over so I ate it all. Steak was clearly from a good source as it was tender and had the nice nugget of fat that you get in the centre of all rib eye steaks. Chips were OK, they appeared to be pre-seasoned with black pepper which might not appeal to everyone. Bearnaise was very good. Salad was alright,  nice little halved cherry tomatoes. It would have been nice to order sides of portobello mushroom though and they might be missing a trick in not encouraging side orders.

We skipped dessert and coffee and got the bill. I slyly slipped a buy one get one free voucher in so it was extremely good value.

I think I would leave it 6 months before I go back so that they have time to get things together. Certainly taking already started plates of food to another customer is not on and I hope that this was an ‘off’ night for them.

Score 6/10

1573 Bar & Grill
Unit R12
The Old Grammar School
Freeschool Lane
0116 2516879


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  1. Well that’s interesting. Looks like we had a very similar experience – I too was hopeful but somewhat disappointed. Always reassuring to have one’s reaction’s backed up. Readers may wish to compare my blog review: http://riponia.wordpress.com/2009/11/12/1573/

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