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Burgertime Chapter:1 Byron

I try and limit my consumption of hamburgers to once a month but I’m not sure why really. Hamburgers are a perfectly balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and sometimes vegetables. I think the problem is the side orders which are invariably fried, salty and ahem delicious. My problem is I can’t resist a meal deal. Many times I’ve queued in a branch of McDonalds or BurgerKing determined to just have the hamburger and a bottle of water. But of course as you get closer and review¬† the tantalising colourful panels pushing their meal deals resistance becomes futile and I end up mumbling that I’d like a meal deal number 3.

Juicy Burger at Byron

Not so at Byron, the mini chain of posh burger restaurants that is quickly getting a reputation for being the best of the new breed of chopped beef purveyors. And its here I’m beginning my year long quest to find the best burger restaurant in London. I ate at the Wardour Street branch which is on the corner of Brewer Street in Soho. The room is light and airy. Big tables and booths ensure that you have plenty of elbow room to enjoy your burger and we were greeted quickly by our server who was both friendly and enthusiastic about the food that Byron offered.

We were told of a special that they were doing today featuring meat butchered by the famous darling of butchers Jack O’Shea of which they had an 8 oz burger but only one left that would take 15 minutes to cook perfectly. We were tempted but didn’t want one of us to lose out so we decided to try the basic cheeseburger with gruyere as the cheese. We also ordered sides of onion rings and fat cut chips, a glass of wine and a beer. Water was provided on the table which is good but the water was rather lukewarm and the glasses provided a little grubby.

The food came very quickly and was utterly delicious. Perfectly cooked chips, fluffy in the middle and crisp on the outside. Light as a feather onion rings were a great addition too though I think they could have been slightly less greasy. The burger meanwhile was faultless. Soft and sweet bun with perfectly cooked tasty burger, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Gherkin spear was served on the side.

Service was flawless and the food was really good value. This is an excellent start to my quest for London’s best burger chain. Next stop Hache!

Score 8/10

Byron At The Intrepid Fox
97-99 Wardour Street

Tel 020 7297 9390