Sunday Lunch at The Charles Lamb, Islington

Losts of nice pubs for Sunday Dinner around us in Clerkenwell. The Well and The Peasant on St John Street are rather good. The Eagle in Farringdon is rather chaotic but serves superbly memorable food (I still cant forget the steak sandwich). In Islington there are lots of traditional boozers which have been gentrified sensitively so that the original feel of the pub is not lost and long time locals and mode seeking trendies mix easily.

The Charles Lamb

The Charles Lamb

Feels that way at the The Charles Lamb on Elia Street, just of Colebrook Row. The pub is bright and airy and the staff young and eager. I was offered a taste of all the beers before ordering a well balanced bitter called ‘Concorde’. Dogs were treated extremely well, with a bowl of water being brought to them without any prompt and a lot of fussing from the staff.

We went for the Roast Beef which I had seen being brought on to two other tables and that sealed its fate. Unfortunately the card machine was broken so I had to trot on to Angel tube station to get some cash after I put the order in. They handled it very well though allowing people to run up tabs and then dash for cash to clear their bill.

Above the table was a fascinating print of a huge heavily detailed map that someone had created called ‘The Island’ which depicts London as if it were an island complete with smaller islands (Dartford, Gravesend etc), ports and harbours. It was fascinating.

Roast Beef and all the trimmings at The Charles Lamb

Roast Beef and all the trimmings at The Charles Lamb

Food came not long after I got back. Beef looked glorious, possibly a little under for me but much prefer under than over. Crispy roast potatoes and a huge pot of horseradish. Only the side vegetables disappointed. Mashed carrots were a bit baby food for me and the cabbage with bacon was more like bacon with cabbage with the heavily smoky bacon overpowering the albeit well cooked cabbage. Overall very satisfying, with a newspaper and nice company I was sad to be dragged away to get the train back to Leicester.

Score 7/10

The Charles Lamb

16 Elia Street
London N1 8DE
020 7837 5040


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