Bored in Battersea – Ransome’s Dock

If there’s one thing better than as sunny day in London, its an unexpectedly sunny day in London. That was the case on Saturday. Tourists hedged bets with sunglasses and umbrellas but sun won the day. I went for a haircut near Leicester Square. A sign by the Palace Theatre promised haircuts to any style for a fiver, that’s cheaper than Mr Toppers! I was in and out in 5 minutes, just as I like it. On then to the tkts booth to get tickets for Enron that night (brilliant by the way). But it was definitely park weather so we decided to head to Battersea Park. A couple of bus rides later we were there enjoying the sunshine with everyone else, briefly distracted by a cute story telling carnival taking place in the centre of the park.

Gungy vista at Ransomes Dock

Gungy vista at Ransomes Dock

Lunchtime and out came the timeout app on the iphone which guided us to Ransome’s Dock, a neighbourhood restaurant overlooking a small dock in Battersea. We were greeted by an incredibly friendly man who I took to be the owner and shown to a table outside. The menu was rather odd, even though it promised an all day brunch at the weekend, there were breakfast items at the top and then just a normal a la carte menu. I really fancied just a starter of dressed crab but was worried it would be starter sized, so instead we both had the Goujons of Plaice with chips and tartare sauce and a glass of wine.

Whilst waiting I looked over the edge of the dock which was a huge, green, muddy sludge pool. To be fair the tide was out but it wasn’t the most pleasant view.

Plaice Goujons

Plaice Goujons

The food came as described. It was cooked within tolerable parameters and we ate it. That was it. It was pretty boring and terrible value for £13 each but it was exactly as described, if a little small, so we only have ourselves to blame really.

Score 4/10

35-37 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP    Phone: 020 7223-1611

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  1. Maybe if you tried something over than breaded fish goujons and chips you would have been more impressed. How do you expect them to jazz that up? Better in the evening and great for wine events. And the tide being out isnt their fault!

    • Fair point, I suppose nothing else on the menu really grabbed me. It was a long time ago, perhaps I should try it again.

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