Sunday Dinner at The Compass – Islington

Roast Beef at the Compass

Roast Beef at the Compass

Its Sunday Dinner time again, this time I followed the guidance of the Timeout guide and chose the nearby Compass on Chapel Market in Islington. Things started well, we unexpectedly got a table for four right away and ordered a great bottle of Malbec from our extremely knowledgeable waitress. Two orders went through for roast pork and one for roast beef and one for the nut roast (Yes I know).

Things then started to go a bit downhill.

The pork was Gloucester Old Spot natch and was moist and delicious. A tiny diamond of crackling was extremely disappointing and even more so that it was particularly crisp. Roast beef looked better but was rather tough and gristly. Side vegetables and gravy were great. Most disappointing were the roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings which were clearly pre prepared and were cold and soggy.

Gloucester Old Spot

Gloucester Old Spot

Its a shame as the atmosphere is great and it was really busy when we were there. I’ll definitely go back but just not their Sunday lunch.

Score 5/10

58 Penton Street
London N1 9PZ
020 7837 3891

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