Toku @ Japan Centre, London

Sexy Sashimi

Sexy Sashimi

Another sushi day. I worry that my sushi habit is quickly becoming an addiction. I don’t seem to let a week go by without having a plate of sushi, or dim sum to that matter. Lets face it, I’m just plain addicted to food. Sushi is one of the few foods that I don’t attempt to cook at home. It just seems such a faff and there are plenty of opportunities now to grab some good sushi even outside of London.

I still love the Japan Centre though, it recently moved from a rather pokey mini department store of all things nipponese to a food only store on lower regent street. It is full of every japanese ingredient you may want including sushi grade fish, finished sushi, dim sum and complete chinese lunch boxes such as pork tonkatsu. Next door is the bright and modern Toku restaurant which we visited on opening day. Presumably they didnt get their alcohol licence sorted out in time as we were prompted to buy beers next door at the store and bring them in to drink which was fine.

Tempura served with curry powder

Tempura served with curry powder

We started with a subtly flavoured miso soup with nice big chunks of smoked tofu. We then had a wonderfully fresh plate of sashimi of salmon, tuna and yellowtail served prettily on a bowl of crushed ice. We also had a super generous plate of sushi, fish was firm and fresh and rice not over chilled. The usual suspects were there including lovely salmon eggs and eel. To accompany this we had a portion of ebi tempura which was wonderfully light and greaseless and interestingly was served with the usual dipping sauce and curry powder to sprinkle on.

This is really good sushi and I will definitely be back. It was rather empty on opening day but I’m sure that this will pick up.

Score 8.5/10

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