Weekend in Paris

Steak Tartare and Frites

Steak Tartare and Frites

Quick weekend in Paris on an unseasonably warm weekend in October. Early Eurostar mean breakfast in the first class lounge (Thank you American Express!) and lunch near the hotel while they were preparing the room. We were at the Best Western L’Etoile on Blvd Haussman near the Arc de Triomphe.

We went to a pretty modern restaurant on the Blvd called Restaurant Eugene. Full of chandeliers and flock wallpaper it offers French bistro cuisine with a modern edge. We had a selection of tartares of fish to start with which were zingy and bouncingly fresh. They were served with a light remoulade which complimented it beautifully. For mains we had a steak tartare which is my default position in a french restaurant. The tartare was delicious, came with perfectly cooked fries and interestingly was slightly grilled on either side. Like the best of both worlds, burger and tartare.

Giant Profiteroles

Giant Profiteroles

For dessert we had the largest profiteroles I have ever eaten. Light, crisp and delicious.

Score 8/10

Restaurant Eugene


166, bd Haussmann, Paris, France. Tel: 01 42 89 00 13.


Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Next day we headed out to the Grande Arch at La Defense, the sort of Canary Wharf of Paris. It was another beautiful day but sadly the Arch seemed to be permanently closed so we sought consolation at a nearby bistro.

I started with Foie Fras which came with a caramelised nut bread with the texture of cake and was absolutely delicious, the best thing I have eaten in Paris by far.

Steak Frites

Steak Frites

Main was steak frites which was superb and for dessert Tarte Feulletee with Pomme and Poire. Absolutely excellent. All served with a perfectly chilled Sancerre.

Score 9.5/10

Restaurant Le Paname, Le Parvis de La Défense 92800 Puteaux France


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