Wheelers – Whitstable

Wheelers is the foodie destination for anyone heading for Whitstable. In fact it becomes a reason to visit Whitstable all by itself. You would be hard pushed to find such good food without any pomp and pretension anywhere else in the UK.

Getting a table is a feat by itself. Hint: Book early and be flexible. We booked about 2 weeks in advance and got a lunch/dinner reservation at 3pm. There are two things against you, firstly the food is very good and more and more people are finding out about this, secondly, there are just 4 tables so the commodity is very scarce.

The front room has an excellent fish counter and there are a couple of stools allowing you to hop up if you didn’t score a main table. Through the beaded curtain you enter a parlour decorated just like your nan’s best room and after squeezing onto your seat and handing over your wine (its BYO and no corkage!) you take a look at the always interesting menu. This time I chose the Skate with Langoustines, confit belly pork, steamed clams and fennel puree. Possibly all my favourites foodstuffs on one plate. Before that we had excellent seafood soup and three types of oyster: natural natives, cooked with lardons and Worcestershire sauce and guinness battered. They were all delicious.

My main was a work of art. The skate was perfectly cooked and shaped into fun curls and the rich belly pork and fragrant fennel puree proved excellent foils. The clams were beautifully steamed and a real treat. After this we scraped room for a dessert which was an astonishing apple crumble soufflé with salted caramel ice-cream. It was incredible. Needless to say after all this food we caught a taxi to the train and snored our way back to Victoria.

Score 10/10


Telephone: 01227 273 311
Address: 8 High Street, Whitstable, Kent


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