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Exmouth Market for Lunch

Lunchtime at Exmouth Market

Lunchtime at Exmouth Market

In London I live in food central. To the north is Islington with its chi-chi bars and restaurants seemingly never ending along Upper Street. To the south is Clerkenwell with cutting edge eateries such as St John, Eastside Inn and newly opened eatery popular with the chattering classes, Bistro Bruno Loubet.

And right on our doorstep is Exmouth Market.

Useful shopping street by day, Romatic dining spot in the evening (especially in summer with its outdoor tables, strings of lights above your head and Mediterranean holiday feel), and extraordinary lunch spot from late morning to late afternoon which seem to get a more varied choice as the week goes on.

The choice is fantastic. Many indian choices, Ghanaian favourite Spinach and Agushi, A lamb wrap stand from Moro which looked better than the food that they serve at night (Meoww!),Thai, gourmet hotdogs, Lebanese, Turkish, Greek. Even the humble hamburger is a huge beef rib hamburger, looking like something that Fred Flinstone would order.

Yummy Burrito

Yummy Burrito

We plumped for a burrito which seems to be the street food du jour. Toasted tortilla with beef/pork/chicken, beans, salada, guacamole, rice and three types of salsa. I went for the pork and Rich for the chicken and they were absolutely delicious.

We wandered to Spa Fields to eat it but found not a patch of grass there with officer workers and locals lounging in the sun which felt like such a novelty after the long harsh winter. In the end we ate it back at the flat with loads of kitchen roll.