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New York Roundup

The Woody Allen

The Woody Allen at Carnegie Deli

Final stop of the East Coast trip was to New York. I absolutely love New York, the buildings, the people and ahh the food. I met my Uncle Rod and his super partner Pat. They know New York pretty well so we were in their hands for restaurant bookings.

Highlights Include:

The 21 Club: Cured Steelhead Salmon with marinated cucumbers, sea beans, sesame seeds and horseradish creme fraiche; Smoked cider glazed pork belly with braised cabbage, fried potatoes and grain mustard and a chocolate bourbon pecan tart with caramel sauce for dessert. The restaurant was incredible it had the most amazing buzz, rich and poor rubbed shoulders united by the fantastic food. Even in the toilets you are charmed by a toilet attendant who cracks hilarious jokes as you attempt to relieve yourself. Its definitely a must book for a NY trip but book ahead as it is extremely popular.

Felidias: Elegant Italian food with exquisite service. Felidia has a huge reputation in New York and it is well deserved. I ordered the most amazingly simple chicken soup to start which was assembled at the table. It was quite possibly the best thing I have eaten all year. Light and delicately flavoured I could have eat a whole cauldron of it. To follow I had the Pappardelle with braised shredded duck. It was rich and deeply flavoured, again, finished off by the table. Service was incredibly accommodating and friendly. I can’t wait to go back.

Carnegie Deli: Eating at the Carnegie Deli is like a rights of passage act for a New York Tourist. From the outside it doesn’t look too promising and the service is typical of New York, efficient with no time wasted on over-friendliness. We were crowded into the room, elbow to elbow with our neighbours and tried to take in the huge menu which must have about 200 menu items. Even with all that choice, everyone has the corned beef sandwich which is outrageously stuffed between two slices of rye bread. I had the Woody Allen which had a mix of corned beef and pastrami. For some reason I ordered coleslaw as well, what was I thinking. I doubt if many people finish the whole sandwich, I managed half and the waiter cheerfully offered to bag the other half but I knew I would carry it round for 1/2 hour and then toss it so I declined. So much food must be wasted. It was really delicious but it feels more like a challenge than an eating experience but you just have to do it once!